Abraham Lincoln

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, American Civil War, Confederate States of America Pages: 3 (573 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Abraham Lincoln
He was the 16th president of the United State. Serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. He led Successfully the United State through the American civil war preserving the union. That is Abraham Lincoln ,who has been consistently ranked by scholar and the public as one of the three greatest U.S presidents.

He was born February 12,1809 the second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln in Kentucky . His father was among the richest men in the county and owned two 600-acre farm ,several town lots ,livestock and horses. His mother died when he was nine ,and his sister Sarah took care of him until his father remarried. He was mostly self-educated and an avid reader. When he was 22 years old he decided to seek a better life and stuck out on his own. In 1842, Lincoln married to Marry Todd and brought four children ,they all died in their childhood expect one "Robert". The death of their sons effected both parents, Abraham suffered from clinical depression.

He began teaching himself law by reading law books. Then become an able
successful lawyer, his law partner said of him "his ambition was a little engine that
knew no rest". He was known for his "free soil" stance of opposing both slavery and
abolitionism. By the 1850s, slavery was still legal in the southern united states, but
had been outlawed in the northern states. Lincoln disapproved of slavery.
On March 1860, he ran for the presidency depended on his reputation as a
moderate on the slavery issue ,and his strong support for waggish programs of
internal improvement. On November 1860 , Lincoln was elected the 16th president
of the United State.
As Lincoln's election became evident, secessionists made clear
their intent to leave the Union before he took office the next March. On December
20, 1860, South Carolina...
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