Abra, Philippines Can Be Great Again

Topics: Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Provinces of the Philippines Pages: 4 (1503 words) Published: April 1, 2013
A nation cannot move a step higher if seeds of terror are cultivated within the hearts of its people.
The mountains of the Cordilleras have been a haven for vastly rich culture, and home of great people. Throughout history, the Cordillerans fought for their ancestral domain, for their thirst of freedom and peace, and for the preservation of their natural resources but then it seems the table has turn in Abra’s situation from Arya Abra to Bangon Abra to a dilapidated ruined slate bathed with abrenian blood stains. It was once told that the province has its promise with its unified citizenry where you could still see little children innocently playing along streets until midnight, or youngsters playing skateboards in the graveled plaza complex, and families that bond in different freezy parks in the province. The cozy “feel-at-home” ambiance of the little Baguio transformed ironically to become the Murder Capital of the North or whatever term you could associate to distress, bloodshed, death, more death and crimes.

The province has been plagued primarily with political killings due to partisan politicking. There are such due to issues of power relations and familial disputes that roam around self-interested schemes. Political killings happen specially pre and post elections in the province of Abra. It has been a battle of the warlords to seek positions and succumb seats in the government. This battle even includes political turncoating among allies. A warlord is willing to stab an ally for the purpose of getting a step forward from the other warlords. In this idea enters the self-interested schemes and goals of the selfish warlords. This battle of the warlords seized some of their lives but unfortunately most are lives of civilians or those who protect them. Each warlord in the province of Abra whether they lie or not, has private armies. These private armies are constitutionally illegal but then the need arises especially if their rival has a stronger...
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