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Topics: Variable cost, Fixed cost, Total cost Pages: 12 (2785 words) Published: April 22, 2013
  1. Decision problem.
What alternative should choose Mr. Dawson?
  2. Research problem.
Assessing the demand, people involved and their respective offerings.   3. ANALYSIS OF ACTORS

      4.1. MR. DAWSON
  * Professor of history at Riverdale (A 48.2803 32.1868 km of Boylston and Shafersville miles)   * You wish to withdraw.
  * He is 55 years old.
  * It is now in an age when he should not engage in any business.   * Want to have your own business.
  * Wants to engage in the sale of Velvet Freeze.
  * You have no business experience.
  * He has two children (a married woman and a college student).   * Your children have some influence on their decisions.
  * He and his wife currently live alone at home.
  * Possess a house with 8 rooms which sell think to invest.   * When selling your home, want to use some of the money from the sale to build a new ranch-style home.   * You have other sources of income (approx. $ 500 per year)   * Currently has no money to invest.

  * Neither Mr. Dawson and his wife were accustomed to relate through the sale of a product.   * After finding out everything about the business of Velvet Freeze, there were many doubts and insecurities.   * Income:

CURRENT (if not removed) | $ 5000 | $ 41.67 monthly ($ 500 annually) | $ 5,041.67 Monthly |
Removing | $ 2000 | $ 41.67 monthly ($ 500 annually) | $ 2041.67 monthly | If you retire in 10 years | $ 2500 | $ 41.67 monthly ($ 500 annually) | $ 2541.67 monthly |

      4.2. MR. MILLER.
  * Owner of three establishments engaged in the sale of frozen dairy products.   * Person cordial, friendly, attentive.
  * Has experience in business.
  * Have bought all exclusive rights to sell Velvet Freeze in Riverdale.

      4.3. MR. RUPERT AND MR. Trommer.
  * Licensees in Riverdale
  * They have power of persuasion
  * They are demanding requirements for licensing.
  * They have experience and knowledge in business.
  * Have to 55 license holders in the state.
  * Are representantas brokers and all those who wish to have a business of Velvet Freeze.   * Has rented some land in Shafersville (Population 18,000 inhabitants)

      4.4. MR. CARLING
  * It has two stores Velvet Freeze.
  * One of them is located in Boyston (Population 19,000 inhabitants) and the other in Greendale (next to Boylston Population)   * The management of the two stores will require more work than I had anticipated.   * I did not want to sell the store located in Boylston, but it seemed the best I could do.   * Person who is in poor health.

  * This debt.
  * Is your home mortgage.
  * He had been involved
  * Selling the Boylston store to Mr. Dawson.

      4.5. BANKER
  * Know your job
  * It is very realistic and tells it like he sees
  * Cautious.
  * Visionary.

  4. VELVET FREEZE product analysis
  * It is a milk ice.
  * It is pasteurized and homogenized.
  * It has little butter (only 5% of normal ice cream compared with 10% - 12%)   * High level nutrient (protein, vitamins and minerals).
  * Served in cones.
  * Kept at 19 ° Fahrenheit.
  * From a single flavor.
  * It has a surplus of 31% (1 gallon yields 1.3 gallons) compared to 100% of normal ice cream (1 gallon makes 2 gallons).   * In July is the month of Velvet Freeze.

  5. Business Analysis VELVET FREEZE
  * There are stores in 47 states.
  * It is a profitable business (opinion of others).
  * Makes less than a regular ice cream.
  * Ice cream can spoil because of poor condition of the machines.   * Has acceptance, is very popular and high growth (third party information).   * Its consumption is seasonal.
  * The store may be open from March to October season is between 7-8 months (third).   * The best season is the months of May, June and July (third).   * It works 12 hours a day on weekdays (LS) and 10 hours on Sundays (third), ie 82 hours weekly.   * Are considered the peak in the...
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