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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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A.A. Hamilton College, London
Assignment Outline
Module tutor | |
Email | |
Course | PGD level 7|
Unit Title | |
Study methods: Assessment | |
Handout Date:| Submission Deadline:|
Student Name: Student ID:
I hereby certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. Where the work of others has been used to support my work then credit has been acknowledged.

Signature: ……………………. Date: ……………

Learning Out come
(Teachers need to provide own module learning outcomes)
Assessment Criteria
Assessment criteria detail’s is as follows:
To achieve aDistinction gradecandidates must:| demonstrate an outstanding level of achievement• high level of critical analysis and evaluation• broad and deep understanding of current research, knowledge and issues in the area of study• highly original thinking• exceptional clarity of complex ideas, with excellent coherence andlogic• excellent presentation• comprehensive understanding and application of research techniques• very clearly formulated conclusions that are clearly communicated• clear understanding of how knowledge developed can be applied| To achieve a Meritgrade candidatesmust:| demonstrate a very good level of achievement• good critical analysis and evaluation• good understanding of current research, knowledge and issues inthe area of study• significant originality with very clear ideas• high level of coherence and logic• very good presentation• good understanding and application of research techniques• well formulated and fully justified conclusions• a good understanding as to how knowledge developed can beApplied| To achieve a Passgrade candidatesmust:| demonstrate a good standard of work• evidence of critical analysis and evaluation• some evidence or original thinking• good use of research techniques• clear and coherent conclusions• good standard of presentation| To achieve a Passgrade...
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