About a Boy Essay

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  • Published : June 19, 2011
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About a boy is story about Marcus a boy who lives in London. This is a story that tells you how he copes with his life when living with his mother only because she and his father had divorced. Also, the story also tells how Marcus tries to find a guy who’s rich and wants him to marry his mother so that they can live happily without having to worry about money until he finds Will, a 36 year-old guy who acts and behaves the opposite of Marcus as well as does thing that seems to be for Marcus’ age while Marcus, on the other hand, does things that are the same as Will’s age. At the same time, Will finds himself getting into troubles for lying to the SPAT team which is a group about single parents who gets divorced and come to share ideas and stuff to help one another about life and how to cope with these problems that are related to not having a husband or wife. Will’s problem is that he wants to join the group so that he can date and sleep with single mums and joins the organization by pretending that he has a 2year-old son named Ned which later on Marcus finds out that Will doesn’t have a son so Marcus tells Fiona (Marcus’ mother) and then more and more problems will occur especially with Marcus in his school life like hanging out with girls that aren’t well behaved and is against the school which is named Ellie and so on….

Will man without work without duties and without children. He sleeps with women de doesn’t know really know, he listens to hip hop and he had spent more than 20 pounds for a new haircut. In contrast to his friend John his live was without clutter. John has a wife and two children. For their baby Imogen they want Will as godfather, but he doesn’t want to Marcus thinks that he wasn’t the right for school, parties or for baggy trousers. He wants his mother to teach him but this would be too expensive. She would earn more with her job. Marcus knew that he and his mother were weird. Especially when he was singing. He is also the...
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