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Nguyen Duy Tung
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Assignment 01
Culture diversity

Culture diversity in Viet Nam has quiet difference between other regions, especially North and South Vietnamese people. In addition, people work in the place where business is separated by the biggest factor - social customs. We should consider North and South Vietnamese originally people. In social customs, some factors such as education, lifestyle, and religion are considered to be the great influence on people. In this essay, I will discuss some of problems and solution following some reasons In the North, the easiest recognizable feature is about the character or human personality. People have a lot of worse habitual routine. For instance, people tend to get more easy work, a manager foreigner to Vietnam deployment training customer service and sales skills for staff business center. In the South, there are also quite a lot of problems, but OK, convenient, good catch employees and staff satisfaction. In the North, officials disappointed by the way customer service staff. I received the following complaint: Awareness of quality customer care staff north too weak. My staff have reacted very strongly and many of them said that "they are salespeople but not the maid (Osin or house keeper), though with 6-10 million VND pay, they are not accepted as "when instructed that each employee must always regard customers as God, to bow, even a concierge dedicated to the toilet when customers need, to flush toilets help if necessary. Or like pointing motivation and this is really not acceptable in the South. Always put the document with both hands, while actually just put one hand. "I like people to give with one hand than with two hands, and be represented by the achievements and results

Moreover, education in the north also is huge problem. In almost countries, colleges are also known as university, they expect to teach necessary things, keep people up to date. What to learn...
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