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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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问的是一些常规问题 看着你的resume跟你说主要是根据你的个人经历来问的 工作方面居多 所以好好准备一下resume,ps等所提交资料上提到的学习和工作经历的 在一开始,面试官会介绍面试的目的

面试问题 (电面,大约20-30分钟)
* Please introduce yourself and explain why you want to pursue a master of finance? * What else university do u apply to
why Tulane and why master? Why msf at this time? Why do you choose Freeman? How do u learn our program?
* What are the specific reasons that you have chosen to pursue advanced study in this field? * What is your career goal? plans after graduation
* I have learned that you have done some research on China's village credit club, can you say something about that? * Internship 
* What is your favor?
* What will you plan to do in the future?
* If u are admitted in this program, will u come?
* What sort of team work experiences have you had in the past? What sort of role do you most often assume in a team work situation? * previous work experience
* Study in your country, and even about your current professors. * career goals, fit for the program, what can u contribute * Say sth. about your experience in China
* Say sth. about your research interest
* Say sth. about your experience in U.S.
* Why do u want to pursue your master's degree
* Say sth about you family
* explain gap in work
* What are your weaknesses? How have you addressed these weaknesses? * 讲讲你的LEADSHIP?
* 本科的学习经历
* 你最喜欢的老师是什么?
* 最喜欢的课是什么?为什么?
* 你们上课是经常小组讨论还是老师讲解比较多 * 喜欢读什么书
* 在学校担任的社会工作
* 一些兴趣爱好等等
* 如果是转专业的,又会问一些目前专业的事情。 * 若说毕业后想在美国工作,Which firms in US interests u? * Give more details about particular items in the applicant's resume or application materials. Give details about selection basis or criteria for any scholarships and/or awards that you have received. Explain in further detail about extra curricular activities or professional accomplishments. * Are there any personal circumstances we should know about that you feel strengthen your...
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