About the International Trade Policy of China

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About the International Trade Policy of China

Abstract: International trade policy of a government is to maximize national interests, to promote the rapid development of the national economy to achieve the equitable distribution of national income taken by the limit or encourage free trade policies. Since China's accession to the WTO, the international economic competition has intensified, while trade liberalization, national protectionism is also showing a new form. In the face of the trade protectionism attack countries for Chinese enterprises, China must develop a correct and effective international trade policy, in order to maintain the development of Chinese enterprises, industries, economy. Keywords: China; international trade; policy

1.0 China faces the competitive environment of international trade 1.1 International market and its institutional environment is quite grim. With China's accession to the WTO, China will be faced with the challenge of all-round, multi-level, the first is the establishment of an open economy. Unlike Asia's "Four Little Dragons" can not be a one-way directly to the international market forward, can only enter the gradual opening up of the domestic market, while the broad international market. The same time, China had fully accepted the WTO and developed a series of international trade regimes, guidelines, although these systems, not entirely reasonable guidelines for developing countries like China. 1.2 Trade protectionism is showing a new form. Today's international economy, while continuously advancing wave of trade liberalization, trade protectionism emerged in various new face. Between the start of the competition between the countries with the enterprise, competition between industries combined, so that the pattern of international competition becomes intensified. Emerging trade protectionism is often the name of the protection of the living environment and human health, protect the global common interests banner, take advantage of the economic gap between the developing countries with the developed countries on the development of China plus a disguised form of trade protection policy. For these new protection policy, which most applicable is "technical barriers" and "green barriers" green barriers in developed countries the heavy impact of China's merchandise exports largely affect China's domestic export enterprises, the impact no less than the impact of the anti-dumping cases. 1.3 The trend of the new economy presents new opportunities and challenges. The development of information technology so that the world economy showing a new trend, which has brought new opportunities for China's economic development, but also brought new challenges. The new opportunities mainly in the developed countries, state-of-the-art technology, equipment flows provide the technology and back-up resources for the establishment of modern enterprise. New economic operation and management mechanisms through the establishment and development of the network industry, established Chinese companies can take advantage of information technology to the development of information-intensive industries, or the development of the information on a capital-intensive products and information a labor intensive type "products, in order to develop a new market demands. We can also make use of the mechanism of the international division of labor, the development of new export-oriented industries, participation in international and regional division of labor, and thus the formation of a new economic growth point. But once China did not seize this opportunity, it will make the Chinese economy in a very unfavorable situation in the new international division of labor system. 1.4 State intervention with the simultaneous development of a free trade. In the context of economic globalization, trade liberalization continued rapid development of the world showing the formulation of international trade...
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