About the Group Vkc

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About the group
VKC group of companies are the leading footwear manufacture especially in southern region of India. The group established on (August17) 1984 with a nominal capital and few employees. In 1984 the founder of the group Mr. V.K.C. Mammed Koya started a Hawai Sheet manufacturing unit with his two brothers. Later on Hawai straps were also inducted to the production line and in 1986 VKC group launched the first product with its own brand name in the market viz. VKC Hawai with an initial production of 600 pairs per day. By 1989 the production increased to 5000 pairs a day and by 1996 it jumped to 17000 pairs.

In between the founder initiated the floating of the first RPVC (Reprocesses Poly Vinyl Chloride) footwear manufacturing unit in the Malabar Area of Kerala with few of his friends. This product also got very good acceptance in the market. The success of the first unit and the RPVC unit gave a signal to the business community and the vast potential was seen by the various industrialists. This resulted in a rapid change in the footwear industry itself. Within a few years the number of Rubber and RPVC unit grew to more than 80 in this area.

In 1994 the group ventured the first unit in Kerala to manufacture footwear from virgin PVC. This resulted in a big change and the multinational brands felt competitions from the local brands. In 1998 the group started the first Micro Cellular PVC footwear in Kerala with imported plant and machinery. “Quality at low price” made VKC group products popular in the market day by day. It also expanded its market to other southern states.

In 2001 the group started the first Air Injected PVC DIP footwear manufacturing unit in the South India. In 2003 the group ventured the first Injected EVA manufacturing unit in South –Central India. In 2006 the group started backward integration to produce EVA compound for Injection and started the first EVA compounding plant in the South –Central India. The unit went in 2007,...
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