About Seoul City, Korea

Topics: Seoul, Korean language, Joseon Dynasty Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Soul of Seoul
Have you ever heard about the beautiful City ‘Seoul’? Seoul (in Korean language, 서울) is the biggest city of the Republic of Korea, and it’s the capital. Today, Seoul is considered to be a leading global city, ranking among the top ten global cities in the ‘Global Cities Index’ of 2010 and it is well-known as ‘Soul of Asia’. Seoul is the center of politics, economy, culture, transportation, and education for South Korea. Seoul is one of the oldest cities in Korea as well. Its history can be traced to the year 18 B.C. The Goryeo Dynasty built a palace in Seoul, which was called "the Southern Capital". Later dynasties, including the Joseon Dynasty, also made Seoul as their capital. Seoul hosted the Olympic Games in the summer of 1988. I would like to introduce the ‘Cheonggyecheon’ stream which is being famous place. As you walk along the Cheon-Gye-Cheon, you can finally see the Gwang-Hwa-Mun. Gwanghwamun Plaza, including the statue of King Sejong the Great and the underground exhibition rooms has become essential sightseeing destinations. The night view is wonderful, and you can see the splendid lightings and fountains and you can relax the daily tiredness while walking in the nature that doesn't seem city. The events and festivals that go on here every weekend are fantastic. Cheonggyecheon is a beautiful tourist attraction and a leisure place for Koreans. Also, in the city of Soul, we have many things to do like foods in Myungdong and the Nam-san Tower where you can see the incredible view of Seoul. Its population is about 10.5 million people, and has great transportation system, like underground rail way, hundreds of buses, and a lot of highways etc. Whoever visit Seoul city, will definitely fall in love with her!
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