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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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a . One of the major losses seen in the film is Warren ‘s loss of his wife Helen . There also came a point where Warren learned that his wife had an affair with his best friend . This added up to the grief that he was already bearing . This caused him to think that he was a very inadequate husband and had thought over his shortcomings as a husband . During the time that he was pondering over the matter , it is very evident that lingered on memories and at the same time experiences distress over his daughter ‘s impending marriage . He exhibited Rando ‘s Six R Processes -there is the recognition of the loss , experiencing different emotions ,reviewing his life when his wife was still alive , seeking for forgiveness , and adjusting to the situation . In the long run , he forgives his wife for engaging in the affair and at the same time asks for forgiveness for letting her down .b . As a means of coping , he preoccupied himself with urging his daughter not to marry . He also released tension and distress through his letters for the Tanzanian boy . This together with continuous realization of his life became his coping mechanism . It should be noted that there was a point wherein he think that when he dies and everyone he knows dies it will appear as if he didn ‘t exist . But in the end , he is overwhelmed by what he learned that the Tanzanian boy actually benefited from him and that…
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