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Topics: Marketing, Qualitative research, MySpace Pages: 8 (2541 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Evaluation of the Impact of Social Networking in Traveling Website
As has been noted by different authors, the advent of information technology and the internet has gave way to different changes on the way how business, marketing and other transaction or social networking is done. Since, different industries and business wanted to gain competitive advantage through the use of information technology, most of these enterprises are considering changes. There is a notion that users surf the internet, there are many enterprises that have their own website and thousands of advertisement are open with just a blink of an eye (Donthu & Garcia, 1999). The use of websites is available for any enterprise who wants to make each and every target consumer aware of their existence. In addition website development may enable the enterprise to be known worldwide since more and more users are being independent on the internet as a tool to get essential information. It is considered today as the most significant part of the travel marketing strategy in the world where competition is very stiff, and that is the market environment. In today’s generation, travelers or visitors are not only visiting a specific place or events, simply just for fun. Most of them are looking for excitement, and more importantly learning process and tourists and travelers are looking for new products and services that would satisfy their needs. This is one of the reasons why, more and more countries are trying to be the number one choice of the tourists by providing them with exciting and unique travel experiences. In this regard, most travel enterprises are trying to offer something new which adheres to the consideration of the internet. They are considering the internet for marketing purposes to ensure that their industry will be the number choice of the tourists in choosing specific location to unwind, relax, enjoy, have fun or do their business getaways. With the success of social networking sites, different travel enterprises are considering this kind of marketing approach to gain and attract consumers, based on the experiences of their recent clients. In this regard, the main goal of this paper is to evaluate the impact of social networking in traveling websites. Background of the Study

If you visit most of the tourism or travel website, consumers can see something entirely different than what it has been before. The evolution of the internet commerce which gives emphasis on the world of travel have been able to provide revolutionized approach on the way client shop for travel. The new approach has been able to empower the users and encourage travelers to establish content online to be shared with other users. As the online travel market have been growing, the clients are not longer contented to find the lowest and affordable price or read the information about the tourist destination written by the marketers themselves. Now more sophisticated internet users are trying to have an entire control in identifying the perfect escapades and trips. Along with the rise of the popularity of different social networking websites such as Facebook, Myspace and the rise of the virtual reality websites such as Second Life, the travel and tourism industry have been able to consider changes on the websites specifically in designing travel discussion forums as well as information exchange (Grossman, 2007). It must be considered the frequent travelers are able to share their experiences with one another on hundreds of topics in sites like FlyerTalk long before the generation of the social networking such as myspace discovered the online market (Forrest & Mizerkis, 2000). Other popular forums that most business travelers include those provided by the FlightStats and FlightAware, but travel websites like Sheraton Hotel’s for example, have paved the way for establishing car, hotel vendors and air travel sites to open up their websites...
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