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Topics: Less-lethal weapon, Grammatical person, Pepper spray Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Is it wrong to kill someone in self-defense? I would have to say yes and no. Because you have the right to protect yourself by any means necessary. But that depend if your life is threaten by that person or not. No, because if that person is capable of taking your life or anyone that matter with a deadly weapon than no it not wrong. Because in that person mind he or she is out to kill no matter what. So not knowing is this person is acting in a deadly manner than within second you will have to think will it be them or you. Also you have these gangs today that will take a life no matter what so you will have to protect yourself in today world to survive if not than you will be kill with no question ask. Yes, it is wrong because some people isn’t that aggressive to take someone life, such as unarmed person or a mentally challenge person. They will try and fight you all day but if they not threating your life why take theirs. For example, Wednesday afternoon an off duty deputy was approach by and mentally challenge man they shuck hands, but the deputy stated that the man became very physical and corner him in his own garage. So the deputy stated that he feared for his life and shot the man several time. Now the deputy was only doing what he was trained to do but using deadly force on a mentally challenge man was too much. That deputy should have used nonlethal weapon to bring the man down and cuff him until other officer arrival on the scene.

Should people be given equal opportunities, regardless of race, religion, or gender? Yes, people should be giving equal opportunities no matter what race, religion, or gender they are. Because everyone bring different ideals to the table to allow them to get whatever the opportunities is to be done. I feel what a man can do a woman can do no matter what the case maybe. It has shown that a woman can work the same job as a man and outperformed him. So giving people the opportunities they can grow a company...
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