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Topics: Leadership, Sociology, Management Pages: 8 (2634 words) Published: May 20, 2013
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De Luque, M., Washburn, N. T., Waldman, D. A., & House, R. J. (2008). Unrequited Profit: How Stakeholder and Economic Values Relate to Subordinates' Perceptions of Leadership and Firm Performance. Administrative Science Quarterly, 53(4), 626-654. The purpose of this particular study was to examine the indirect effects of executive’s stakeholder and economic values on firm performance through their followers' perceptions of leadership and follower’s extra effort. Different executives from more than 17 countries showed emphasis on economic values that was parallel to autocratic leadership perceptions of the people that were being led. When it comes to stakeholder values however, perceptions are parallel to visionary leadership. These findings were interesting because they show how followers have certain perceptions about certain leaders. For example, economic driven leaders have the reputation for being hard driving while stakeholder driven leaders have the reputation for being purposeful in whatever they do. Felfe, J., & Schyns, B. (2010). Followers' Personality and the Perception of Transformational Leadership: Further Evidence for the Similarity. Hypothesis British Journal of Management, 21(2), 393-410. Everyone knows that leaders are perceived to have an effect on their follower’s attitude and behavior. In this study, the authors reversed this order and investigate the degree to which the evaluation of leadership is a result of followers' perceptions and attributions. In order to corroborate and extend previous experimental research, a field study was conducted to analyze the influence of follower’s personality and perceived leader personality on followers' perception of leadership within an organizational setting. When the study was finished, the results showed that the perception of the leaders personality had a big impact on whether or not the follower look at them as a favorable leader. Froeschle, J. G., & Nix, S. (2009). A Solution-Focused Leadership Model: Examining Perceptions of Effective Counselor Leadership. Journal of School Counseling, 7(5), 72-88. In this qualitative study, school counselors, teachers, and principals were asked to reflect on counseling leadership styles perceived as effective. Themes emerged suggesting the following leadership paradigms: collaboration between school counselors, principals, and teachers; the implementation of solution-focused techniques; and a need for school counseling program improvements. School counselors are usually in a leader position were perception is everything. This study shows how an effective leaders traits play a major role on how great of an impact they have on particular followers. Goussak, G. W., & Webber, J. K. (2011). EMPLOYEE PERCEPTION OF LEADERSHIP STYLES BY LAS VEGAS CASINO-GAMING MANAGERS. International Journal of Management & Marketing Research (IJMMR), 4(2), 85-98. Herbst, T. H., & Conradie, P. P. (2011). Leadership effectiveness in Higher Education: Managerial self-perceptions versus perceptions of others. SAJIP: South African Journal sof Industrial Psychology, 37(1), 1-14. The study reported here explores the relationship between managerial self-perceptions and perceptions of others such as the people over the manager or direct supervisors of their subordinates with regard to leadership effectiveness in a group of managers in the context of a South African university undergoing a merging process. This particular study measured self-perception accuracy and how well this perception leads to transformational behavior. The results found was that there was an overestimation of leadership skills across the board. Also the higher your education, the more people are likely to follow you. Holt, S., Bjorklund, R., & Green, V. (2004). Leadership and culture: Examining the relationship between cultural background and leadership perceptions. The journal of global business issues, 3,...
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