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Topics: Love, Friendship, Debut albums Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Im a simple girl who loves fashion...i am friendly and give a smile to everyone..i maybe look maarte in person, but im not, im a cool girl and easy to go with. i love helping people with my own ways it doesnt matter if its big or small help.... just cheering them up means alot to me.. and i want them to be happy when im around them.. i thank does people who loves and likes me as me... i dont care about what people think and say ... its their oppinion, feel free to say bad or good things about me because of u i become a better person... iknow what i want and i have a goal in life and dreams that i want to fulfill. habang may buhay may pag asa. .. i have lots of hope in my life.... ...i am not perfect. i do mistakes sometimes but its normal im just human.. i can be bad or good sometimes it depends on the situation.. i dont smoke i dont do drugs either.....i drink alcohol once in a blue moon.. im not rich..i dont have car...i dont have expensive things to show ....what i have is a big heart and rich with true friends..... some of u may find me interesting and some of u not, i still thank u for noticing me... i love to talk about interesting things that can help me .. i love talking to people who have positive outlook in life that can inspire me .. im a good listener ... i like sharing thoughts about anything .. i manage to smile even when im annoyed...i love to laugh with my friends...im funny sometimes and do jokes (corny jokes sometimes,but they find it funny pa rin hehehe) .... laughter is the best medicine sabi nga nila.... so guyz keep on laughing..lolz..... i like to do new things (ung gusto ko lang ahh) and new experience because we can only live once... so as much as i can, i try to do it while im still alive...like trying new foods or going to a place where i have'nt visited yet...things like that.. i like people who see's the best things in me, and knowing someone first before they judge u...because theres always a reason why they are like that or the...
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