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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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NPM: 3061012131

Hy mam, hello my friends, Assalamu’alaikum. I want to introduce my self. My name is Setia Wardah. You can call me Wardah. I was born in Banjarmasin on April 9, 1992. I live on Jln. Melayu darat rt 10 no 55. I graduated from MAN 1 Banjarmasin.i have 3 sisters and 1 brother. My hobbies are traveling and reading. I am student in STKIP PGRI Banjarmasin. My favorite color is green. I have a dream to be a professional teacher. The other things about what I always do are fairly similar with another people. When I get up, I take ablution and then pray subuh. After that, I always sweep the floor and water the flowers in front of the house. When I finished watering the flowers, I have a breakfast first and then take a bath. After that, I wear the clothes and styling my hair. Then, the next activity what I usually do after styling my hair is prepare my motorcycle. I turn the motorcycle on for making the machines getting hot and ready to use. I go to campus every day except Sunday. There are many activities during weekdays. After spending my day and doing what I always do everyday, I go home. But, sometimes I go home not on time, because I have some appointments with my friends. If I have been in the house, the first thing I should do is eating. I always eat some food or munch the snack. After that, I do my assignment and listen to the music at my bed room. I don’t watch TV much, because in my opinion watching TV is not really giving me advantages, it’s just a useless thing which only spend my time. If everything has been done, the next is my favorite activity, that is going to bed and sleep well.
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