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Topics: Toilet, Toilet seat, Spider bite Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: December 6, 2012
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Some people like to make up scary stories about dangerous animals, especially snakes or spiders, to make people panicked. Most spiders look ugly and scary. Some of them are venomous. So most people don’t like it or be afraid of it. They would rather believe that it’s venomous when they see spiders are around them. An e-mail message had been circulating, warning of the South American ‘Blush Spider’ (scientific name: Arachnius gluteus, or ‘Butt Spider’) migrating to the U.S. in airliner bathrooms and lurking under public toilet seats everywhere. This e-mail message asked the person who read this e-mail pass it on to everyone on his or her email list. It said that a person, Dr. Beverly Clark, wrote an article in the Journal of the United Medical Association solved the mystery behind amount of deaths. It also said that there was the news that reported 3 women in Chicago were found at the hospital, all with the same symptoms. Finally, they all died because of toxicity in the blood. They didn’t know each other. The only thing they had in common within days of their deaths was that they had all visited the same restaurant named Big Chappies which is at Blare Airport. After inspected and tested by the health department, nothing was wrong with that restaurant. Then a waitress worked at the restaurant was rushed to the hospital with similar symptoms. She didn’t eat or drink while she was at the restaurant. She only used the bathroom. One toxicologist drove to the restaurant and found that there was a spider beneath the toilet seat in the bathroom. He took it back to the lab. It was determined to be the South American Blush Spider (arachnius gluteus), which had extremely toxic venom. The venom works in a couple of days after someone is bitten. The spiders like to live in the environment under toilet rims. A lawyer died several days later. He used the bathroom in the airliner before his death. Then investigators found the Blush spider’s...
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