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We decide it to choose the Audi cars line A. Mainly because we have always been interested in the fact what is the reason behind the high prices of the Audi models. But before going into our presentation I would like to briefly talk about the car manufacturer Audi itself.

Auto Union AG car manufacturer company was created in 1932 with the merger of 4 brands(Audi,DKW, Horch and Wanderer) and so was the symbol the 4 circles created to manifest the union of the 4 brands. The headquarters of Audi AG is in Germany in the city of Ingolstadt. Since 1964 Audi is owned by Volkswagen with the majority of 99,7%. As we all know we Hungarian have a special connection with Audi as the car making company opened the plant in Győr which obviously meant a huge investment and the grate opportunity for everyone involved. AHM is the Hungarian Subsidiary of Audi AG and its started its operation in 1994. The opening ceremony of the plant was a huge event not just for the town of Győr and the surrounding areas but of course and obviously for the country and for the whole eastern European region as we had to compete with some foreign towns for this Audi investment. Officially Göncz Árpád the then President of the Hungarian Republic opened the plant together with the major of Győr Balogh József and the management of Audi was represented by Jürgen D. Hoffmann the former board president of the Volkswagen group. The success story since then continued. The main aim of the Hungarian Factory to create engine for several Audi and other models but since then the business Activity have widened and in 2011 the Hungarian Subsidiary produced 20th engine. Talking about pricing of course price setting consists of many steps and factors and here by we would like to compare the different Audi A type of cars. A1 is super-mini class introduces to the market in 2010 mainly designed to compete it with Mini Cooper and offer a higher branded alternative of VW Polo. In every important element contains the techniques of the big Audi’s with the same knowledge and exactly with the same comfort level. This type mainly targeted at city people as it is shorter than 4 meters so it is very practical to use it in the city, with it’s relatively low consumption, not to mentioned the fact how easy to park it. It is not directly communicated but I suppose we can say this is mainly aimed at younger women as man’s usually do not prefer small cars not even in the city. The basic model is not really designed for families but it has 5 door variation, which can be absolutely comfortable for smaller families. A3 is a smaller family car which was introduced to the market first 1996. This is the premium version of VW Golf cars with the same conservative design which is not really typical with Audi cars this is rather characteristic of VW models. This is basically designed for higher earning ladies who prefer more classical form of a car and not the modern one. This has 5 door version, just like the A1 which can be good for the smaller families although even this model comes with small booty. Audi 4 is a compact executive car which was launched first in the late 1994 and since than there has already been 4generations of than car. The original aim of A4 was to succeed the former Audi A80 and the model is mainly targeted at higher positioned people in the business sector. This called to be one of the most important model of Audi. They have made the engine much more cost effective with decreased consumption. The focus in the new models was the higher convenience combined with lower cost and this is a very big challenge successfully delivered by Audi in the A4 model. Audi A5 is the coupé version of A4. They are quite similar to each other although it is true to say that A5 is an earlier version then the A4, but this does not really matter. The A5 has very big potential for travelers or for people who like high speed because this is a car with a very high horsepower designed very convenience for...
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