Abortions: Should be Legal?

Topics: Roe v. Wade, Abortion, Human rights Pages: 7 (2708 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Should Abortion be Legal?
Penny Wright
Philosophy 103
Robert Gala
March 4, 2013
I. Abortion
II. Legal Aspects (Origination of Law)
A. Supreme Court (Roe vs. Wade)
B. Parental or Judicial consent for minors
III. Medical Aspects (Pro Choice)
A. Spontaneous
B. Induced
IV. Ethical Aspect (Immorality)
A. Killing of human being
B. Right for life
V. Conclusion and Summary of Abortion
When one brings up the topic of conversation on an ethically and culturally controversial topic such as, “Should abortion be legal,” this poses many hard found feelings towards many of the individuals engaging within this conversation. Often the topic of this discussion is a case of morality and what are the rights associated to the mother and if the fetus has any rights depending upon the discussers; however, it makes for a wonderful argument that has long been the battle between human rights and morality with the teachings of religions from various cultures. Therefore, I pose the question of Should Abortion be Legal? This is a topic that I have long thought about that has forever flip-flopped in my mind from the differences of opinions, and below the arguments will be made for Morality versus Pro Choice; thus allowing the reader to formulate their own conclusion of what they portrait as right and wrong in the case of abortions being legal. I have a few examples that will go hand in hand with our discussion, and the first is of a woman having the legal right to decide what she desires to do with her own body. The second example involves those who think that abortions should be illegal, because they feel that it is killing a person. The third example is the basis of morality with how people view the situation and based on the thoroughness of the evidence provided. The purpose of this paper is to look at abortions with an open mind and to critically assess the rights of an individual woman. The goal is to also point out reasons why one might choose abortion in one situation and not be immoral as some may think. Upon, further research it was not the choice of the people for Pro Choice to originate; rather, it was voted by the US Supreme Court to legalize abortions as a result in the case of Roe vs. Wade, on January 22, 1973 (Barrett, P. M. (1992, Jun 30)).

Pro Choice
There are many reasons as to why abortions should be legal. The first reason is that the woman has rights to decide what happens to her own body. If the fetus is at any risk with health concerning factors, this too may be a reasonable reason for abortion. What about the welfare of the mother, if the pregnancy is life threatening? Also, what about the consideration of the mother if she was raped; whether it is a case of incest or a matter of a total stranger, “Should they be forced to carry out the unwanted pregnancy?” The first reason covers the spontaneous or hospital induced abortions (Mosby, Louis, 1936). First and foremost, all women have the right to decide what is going to happen to their personal bodies, and that now every other woman - is now free to make that decision for herself underscores the fundamental correctness of the Supreme Court's landmark decision (Telegram & Gazette(1995)) . A spontaneous abortion could very well be self inflicted; however, for most cases this is not the case, instead it is due to either a still born or the fetus/embryo at some point in the stages of its development does not grow properly and dies on its own. The woman considers an abortion that is hospital-induced as a choice, partly due to the fact that it is her rights to her own body. This hospital-induced abortion can have many reasons for taking place: welfare of the mother in a life-threatening risk, the fetus or embryo is not fully developed, a crime case, in which a rape takes place; therefore, it all refers back to the mother’s...
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