Abortion Thesis Paper

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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In the year 2008 1.21 million innocent lives were lost. These lives were not lost due to disease, a natural disaster or worldwide epidemic but by choice. 23% of pregnant women will make the choice to end their pregnancy by having an abortion. By having an abortion a mother is choosing to end their own child’s life. The majority of society will agree that any kind of murder is inhumane so why is it that you can end the life of an unborn baby but it is against the law to take away the life of another human being? If women are able to choose whether their unborn child lives or not then what is the difference between abortion and murder?

Murder is the intentional death of another person and abortion is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. Both are choices that human beings decide for one another. A baby does not choose to die and neither is a human being that is killed on purpose. A woman could kill a baby and be charged with murder but the very same woman could have an abortion and terminate their baby legally. Everyone deserves a chance at life even a baby at no fault that cannot make decisions for itself.

Abortions are mainly performed during the first trimester of pregnancy. In the first trimester the eyes, mouth, throat and circulation take form only by the first month. With working organs, limbs, and a heart how is the death of an unborn child any different to the death of a human being? By the third month, the baby is fully formed with hands, feet, and ears, reproductive organs, with a working circulatory and urinary system. At this point the baby has a heartbeat that already began 5-7 weeks into the pregnancy. The resemblance of the fetus is very similar to a new born baby and has every right to live. Approximately 3,700 abortions occur each day meaning 3,700 babies are terminated every 95 seconds. 98% of abortions are related to personal choices. Three out of four women that go through with abortions make their choice solely on the fact that...
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