Abortion: The Responsible Decision

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Abortion: The Responsible Decision
Freda Munoz-Andrade
Keiser University

One of the most important time has come to a woman’s life is deciding whether to decorate the baby’s room with pink colors or blue. Other women may not have those thoughts in mind as they are to make a choice on whether to abort or keep her baby. Many decisions and choices we make on a daily basis may be influenced by our surroundings, society, and religion and beliefs. The decision or choices to terminate a pregnancy can be a difficult one and not well accepted by many people around the world, but aborting the child will be a smart and a responsible choice for a mother who is going to have a child with severe disabilities.

For many couples, making plans to have a child or children is a huge step that comes with many responsibilities. Having a baby can be a blessing to many but the idea of having a child with severe disabilities can bring many worries to new parents. The choice of keeping that fetus or not keeping it is a big decision to be made and definitely not an easy one for those parents who have just found out that their baby will be born with a severe disability. Abortion is one of the most common options available to the mothers once she has chosen not to continue with the pregnancy. This decision may be seen by many as a cruel and selfish choice but it will be crueler to bring a child into this world to not have a normal life like every other child out there.

For most parents the positive sign in the pregnancy test is a very happy and unforgettable moment and the waiting for the arrival of that little person may not come soon enough. Many indescribable emotions come to mind as the first visit to the doctors where the couple will get to hear their baby’s heart beat for the first time and the most important test on the mother will begin to determine the health the fetus during the first trimester. The parents start making several plans for their unborn...
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