Abortion - the Perspective of the Catholic Church and My Personal Opinion

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Morality Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: March 14, 2013
In Australia there are many areas of violation towards peoples rights and of what is right. This is called injustice. Such injustices can be racism, sexism and abuse of minorities. Abortion is one questionable injustice. It has caused much controversy in Australia as well as around the world. Abortion is the intentional termination of a pregnancy after conception. It allows women to put an end to their pregnancies, but involves eliminating the undeveloped embryo or fetus either medically by taking medication or surgically. For this reason abortion has been a very controversial subject.

Abortions occur all around Australia. They collect data showing the numbers of how many abortions are performed approximately each year. Only South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern territory have accurate statistics in the numbers of abortion but overall it is estimated that minimally 70,000 abortions are performed in Australia every year, which is almost 1-2 aborted lives for every 5 live births. It is a difficult truth to face. There are many different teachings about abortion as to if it should be done for only the right reasons or if it is wrong all together.

The Catholic Church believes in the latter statement, that abortion is not a moral thing to do and that there is no morally acceptable reason for abortion. Their reasoning is based around the sixth commandment “you shall not murder” Exodus 20. They believe by ending a pregnancy it is considered murder because though people believe the embryo or fetus might not be life itself at this point, by ‘discarding’ it, this is still the intention to end a ‘potential life.’ Even though the fertilised cells do not possess the status of a person, because ‘person’ entails more than cells, they still have nevertheless the genetic make-up to eventually become a human person. The Catholic Church believes that a woman is only entrusted with, not owning the child. They teach this to say that God has given you this child...
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