Abortion Speech

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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I am here to persuade you that abortion is bad for women. I have eight reasons why abortion is bad. The first reason is after an abortion many women find themselves dealing with increased use of drugs and/or alcohol to deaden their pain, reoccurring insomnia and nightmares, eating disorders, suicidal feelings, and many even attempt suicide. Difficulty in maintaining or developing relationships. Loneliness, isolation, anger, fears of the unknown, indecisive and a sense of self-hatred. Since 2001, 15 studies focused on the psychological effects of abortion have been done. These studies underscore the fact that evidence-based medicine does not support the conjecture that abortion will protect women from ‘serious danger’ to their mental health. It indicates the opposite.

The second reason is abortion advocates frequently assert that carrying an unintended pregnancy to term is more harmful to women than abortion. But all the research and women’s personal experience says something else. In the US, over 140,000 women a year have immediate medical complications from abortion. This includes problems such as: infection, uterine perforation, hemorrhaging, cervical trauma, and failed abortion/ongoing pregnancy.

The third reason is death from abortion also proves that it is not safer than childbirth. Women are also still dying from the abortion procedure itself. In February 2002, 25 year-old Diana Lopez died at a Los Angeles clinic because the staff failed to follow established protocols before and after the abortion. If they had followed protocols, they would have realized she was not a good candidate for abortion because of blood pressure problems.

Here is the fourth reason is abortion is bad for women because it opens the door for subtle pressure and bullying by family, friends, employers, institutions of learning, sexual predators and the culture. In some cases, parents threaten to kick the girl out of the home, boyfriends and husbands threaten to leave, or...
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