Abortion Should Not Be Permitted in Any Country

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Birth control Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: April 9, 2013
1.many religion as islam or Christian does not permit us to do abortion (Our religion doesn't permit us for that. And for the sake of argument that she wouldn't forget her past if she has that baby well. After abortion what shall she do. Live in the dark and that rapist is looking for another victims. In my religion (Islam) abortion is forbidden. Lekin like Simi said I was exactly thinking of rape and stuff, what if the woman is like raped and got pregnant like that. However Islam says that a woman should not be going outside or to certain places where there is no mehram to go with her (something like that I am not quoting anything here by the way, its what I have come to know through discussions and stuff I have read). So why was the woman alone at that time when she got raped, what position was she in? I mean I know its not nice for the woman, I understand I am a woman myself. But its just, it makes you think?) (the women pregnant is the give of God, so they should not do abortion. woman was pregnant and the doc's found out her baby had a heart problem and they said she ownt live long, maybe a few months so its better you have it removed. The woman said no, Allah gave me this child and I will keep it and take care of it. So she had the baby, spent most of the time in hospital with her (it was a girl) and the baby has had like 3 heart surgeries(major ones) and she is MAshaAllah 4 years old now. She does need help while walking. She couldnt walk till she was 3 yrs. She could only eat thru a straw till she was 3, now MashaAllah she can eat and drink more normally. But walking is still a bit of a problem. But when that child smiles and laughs uff Iits so nice to see. She is fully enjoying the gift of life that she has received. When I see her my eyes fill up...I mean she is so little has been thru too much already and yet she is enjoying her life with joy and laughter. I just thought I'd share this with you. May Allah give her strength and a long healthy life,...
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