Abortion Should Be Illegal Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibilities Soc120

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Human Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Abortion Should Be Illegal
Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibilities SOC120
Brandon Wolfe
November 30, 2010

I chose the topic abortion should be illegal for this paper for many reasons. This is a huge issue in today’s society on what is right morally and who should be able to make this decision. This is an argument that has been going on for years that will probably never get solved but hopefully one day that everyone will see why it is wrong in so many ways. Throughout my paper, I will give numerous reasons and explanations as to why I feel abortion should be illegal.

I feel abortion is wrong in many ways. Abortion to me is the same thing as murder. I feel that you are killing an innocent child who did nothing wrong to anyone. Some people say they choose abortion because they were raped and did not ask to be, which may be the truth, but the truth, that baby didn’t ask to be made either and wasn’t asked to be killed. There are plenty of people out there in today’s society that has been raped and have gotten pregnant as a result, but not all of them have gone through with an abortion. Those victims have learned to love their child even though they didn’t ask for the child to be born.

In today’s society, teen sex has become more popular. It is being accepted as a social activity between very young teenagers who are not yet responsible for what may come from sex. Most of these teenagers are not using birth control which is resulting in teen pregnancy, which is sadly being accepted as a normal for today’s society as well. Some of these teen girls are using abortion as a form of birth control. They are thinking, the cost of raising a baby for eighteen years is a lot and will interfere with some much of my youth, so there is nothing wrong with going out and paying a few hundred dollars to get an abortion. I have seen several parents even press this issue that they would rather their teenager get an abortion then have a baby, which is just sad....
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