Abortion Pro-Life

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  • Published: March 29, 2013
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My conservative view on abortion highlights my views on life and how I believe that life starts at conception. Many people believe that it should be the woman’s right to decide what happens with her body but I disagree. Different news shows and newspapers broadcast their beliefs differently based on their political views. States are divided because they can’t seem to quite agree on this subject. Unborn babies have a fundamental right from the moment they are conceived to live their lives just like any other. They are innocent human beings who don’t have a voice to speak their opinion and need responsible parents to speak for them and make good decisions for their future. Liberals would state that a women’s right to her body is her choice she should get to decide whether or not she gets to keep it. Conservatives would call the Liberals liars and state that the only reason that they want to abort is because they have no necessary need for a baby. They should have thought about that before they went baby-making in the first place. Conservatives like Kanwaljeet J. S. Anand, a professor of Pediatrics, Neurobiology, and Anesthesiology believe that fetuses can feel pain if they are 20 or more weeks from the moment of gestation. She believes it to be excruciating pain. The bible’s sixth commandment also says that killing is a sin. Abortion involves killing a human being and defies a commandment from God. Liberals like Stuart W. G. Derbyshire, a PhD Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham states that fetuses don’t feel anything until they are born and surrounded by the real world. They think fetuses are not human beings. A fetus is considered to be human only when they are born. They argue that abortion is not killing another human being; it is simply terminating a pregnancy. Nobody can prove that personhood starts at conception. Liberals aren’t religious so they argue that the anti-abortion position is usually a religious position which threatens the separation of church and state. Religious beliefs are not to influence law in the United States. Conservatives say that the oath that doctors take when they become doctors forbids abortions when practicing medicine. An oath written by Luis Lasagna also forbids abortion in his line “Above all, I must not play God.” If religious beliefs are not to influence law then there should not be the use of God’s name in the Pledge of Allegiance or on the nation’s currency. The fact that religion is implemented in our society shows that we are a nation that is religious and relies on God. Therefore, abortions should be illegal. People that are pro-abortion would argue that abortions are safer than “back alley” abortions and reduce the number of deaths of mothers from 13 for every 100,000 during natural birth to less than 1 for every 100,000. A 1993 investigation found that a woman that has had 2 abortions has the same amount of chances of fertility as a woman that has had two natural births. Women should use contraceptives if they don’t want to birth a child, not abortions. A Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that 19-25% of women who received abortions had previously had one or more abortions. If abortion weren’t an option, women would learn how to be more careful with their bodies. Women say they have to abort because they do not have contraceptives available to them. They need a doctor’s prescription to have access to most birth control methods, like the pill, the patch, or the shot. Half of all large insurance companies do not cover the cost of birth control and only a third covers the birth control pill. In the year 2009, researchers have found that over 17 million women are without insurance. Women who abort are more prone to psychological diseases and damages. Studies show that women who aborted are 154% more likely to commit suicide than women who carried to term. Abortions also have a negative psychological effect on men. Men who’s partners have had...
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