Abortion Persuasive Essay

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Abortion law Pages: 5 (2100 words) Published: March 5, 2013
More than one third of all teenage pregnancies in the U.S end in abortion, as well as 45 percent of unintended pregnancies, according to childtrendsdatabank.org,. Many concerns with the process of raising a child include how a persons life may change with bringing a baby into the world, their financial inability, their lack of education and their maturity in still being a child themselves yet raising a child. The history of abortion dates back as far as a thousand years ago. In the mid to late 1800’s, states began passing laws making abortion illegal. So what factors led to the legalization of abortion? Abortion has come to be more controlled with decision in age and reasoning. Abortions are now widely available with parent consent and to legal adults. Although there are fewer deaths as well as fewer teen abortions, it is still a problem in our society due to the careless repetitive decisions of women who chose to use abortion as a form of contraception. Abortion was once a dangerous practice that killed many women while performing the practice illegally. Abortion has been an acceptable option due to safer medical practices. With abortion now legal in some states, there has been a lower rate of back alley abortions over the years. Back alley abortions are the most dangerous way of removing the baby, this was a method often used by unwed women. This usually consisted of removing the baby with a coat hanger and other unsafe, unsanitary tools. With many pros and cons, choosing between life and death is a decision that involves much stress mentally and physically. There will never be a point of readiness in choosing an abortion. Some may say there is a widely held belief that in dealing with abortion, rape and incest are special cases. Yet according Matt Kaufman of boundless.org (2004) the only major study of pregnant rape victims done by Dr. Sandra Makhorn found that 75 to 85 percent chose against abortion (paragraph 11). When reading more in depth through the article a good amount of women who chose abortions found it to be immoral, though they still felt it should be a legal option for others. Through interviews with students and stories and there sense of regret in life after abortion, I found that birth control or abstinence is the best way to refrain from these issues. For women who demand complete control over their body, this is the better way to keep control by staying responsible in their decision making. All abortion not including life threatening cases should no longer be legalized, and more laws should be implemented to provide stricter guidance in making this decision. Much effort was given to make abortion legal and the same amount of effort can then make it illegal. There are many ways to go about preventing pregnancy when making decisions wisely, while shown throughout history abortion is just as cruel as killing another living being. Although abortion is now legal in some areas of the country, there was a long yet debatable process. The reasoning in making abortion legal varied from state to state dating back to the mid 1800’s. One reason included fears of the population being dominated by slow arriving immigrants. Just as other surgical procedures abortion was a very risky task to take on. Hospitals were not very common during this time, antiseptics were not known at all, and well respected doctors had just been gaining knowledge pertaining to medical issues. Without the current technology we have today the infant mortality rate would be extremely high, the first known and recorded conviction for “intention to abort” was in Maryland, 1652. Four years later, a woman was arrested for abortion; the case was dismissed when she married the only witness who then refused to testify. In 1719 Delaware stated that counseled abortion is considered an accessory to murder. On of the strongest forces behind criminalizing abortion was doctors who wanted to prevent untrained practitioners from competing with them for...
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