Abortion on Young Teens

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Abortion on Young Teenagers
Final Paper

Name: Rose Allen
Teacher: John Roland
Springfield College
Class: Issue and Research
Due Date: April1, 2012


The topic that I will be discussing will be about the cause and effect that abortion has on young teens; however teens go through a phase around the ages of thirteen and nineteen. The main population that I would be focusing on is the African American teenage girls. Sometimes these teen are so overwhelm that they forget how to make decision on an everyday basis, therefore they decide to get abortion, however instead of them trying to solve their problems. The reason they get abortion is because they think this is a better choice. Abortion can have many complications after having abortion. The process after having abortion it can affect them physically, mentally and psychological. The reso urce that I will be using is the interview method. As a researcher I want to know the cause and effect of abortion. I expect to find other alternatives and options instead of abortion.

Table of Content

Cover Page
Table of Content
Definition of Terms
Review of Literature
Annotated Article
Comparative Review
Research Design (Action Research)


The topic that I will be focusing on is abortion on young teenagers. I am explaining the cause and effect on how young teenagers choose to get abortion. The age group that I’m basing my information off of is African American girls from the ages13 to 19. Most of these girls put themselves in danger when they proceeding with this procedure. One reason that abortion is dangerous to these girls is because there body is under developed this can cause serious issues. There are lot of complication that can affect these girls physically, mentally and psychological. However there are many effects that abortion can have if procedure is unsuccessful. To my understanding they are not aware of these problems and until later when it happens to them. Instead of getting abortion there are other options that are available. One option is adoption this means to give the child to a person who can care for them. Another option is using contraception instead of having unprotected sex. The method that I will be using is the interview. My research question: What is the cause and effect on teen’s girls that get abortions?

Definition of Terms: Depo-Provera Shot, Ortho Evra Patch, Condoms, Adoption, Celibate * Depo-Provera Shot- Is a shot that is given every three month. The purpose of this method is to exclude any women from reproducing a child. * Ortho Evra Patch- The patch is a skin patch worn on the lower abdomen, buttocks or upper body that releases the hormones progestin and estrogen into the bloodstream to prevent ovulation. * CONDOMS- Is a latex rubber that helps prevent two things pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. There are male condoms and females condoms. * Adoption- Is when the parent gives up their rights to another family who can give them a better life. * Celibate- Is a person who decides not to have sexual contact of any source.

Review of Literature

The main purpose of this article was to let readers know about the issue that teens face. The issue is that teens are getting abortion and due to that they try to cope, however it becomes a stressor as a result, consequently the disorder is called post traumatic stress. This is when a person develops as a result of a terribly frightening, life-threatening, or otherwise highly unsafe experience. To me this article talks about all the aspect of abortion dealing with stress. The reason is because the author explains the cause and effect of having abortion. The supporting details include flashbacks, guilt, feelings of horror; fear and helplessness were the main ideas from my understanding. The author stays on point...
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