Abortion, More Harm Than Good

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Roe v. Wade Pages: 5 (1986 words) Published: May 22, 2013
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Abortion, More Harm Than Good
Life, it is the most precious things on this planet. It starts from conception and goes on forever. Even though you may not physically be walking on this planet your life will always be remembered by someone as you leave this planet. Then there are those few babies that never get to make a difference in someone’s life or get to become the next president. Those few babies that never even get the chance to leave their mother’s womb or better yet, they don’t even get a chance to develop. Abortion, it causes more harm than good and should be illegal. It has been widely debated over when life truly begins whether it starts at conception or when a baby first sees the light of day as it comes into this world. In worldnetdaily.com staff writer Jon E. Dougherty’s article, Life begins at Conception, he states “Life begins at conception, not birth. Birth is simply one stage of ongoing human development…Life is as real and as tangible as death; consequently, we humans are "viable" the moment we are created in the womb. Barring death by natural causes, everyone has the potential to eventually become a senior citizen someday — as long as they aren't butchered before birth. In fact, some have said we begin to die the moment we are conceived because our lives always reach that inevitable conclusion. The "not viable life" excuse doesn't hold up because, if all life is not "viable" life, then what is the purpose of having an abortion? If these human beings weren't viable and would not — if left unmolested — mature into "born" children and adults, then the abortion would be unnecessary to begin with. Also — and this is key — we humans are never "fully-developed." We're not born "complete"; we grow, change, mature and age constantly, which means we're always "developing," and we develop though the first nine months of our lives Finnigan 2

attached to a "host" — our mothers. So, the fact that the first nine months of our developmental life is in utero is of no consequence to our overall lifespan; it is just the first stage. There are many developmental stages — early, middle and late. But life has to begin somewhere. We don't go from "nothing" to adulthood. Denying the fact that life begins the moment a female egg is fertilized is sheer lunacy — or, worse, intentionally misleading. It is simply a matter of choice that millions of Americans have decided to believe that life only begins when they say it does — at the moment of birth, or in the second trimester of pregnancy, or some other arbitrary guideline. It begins when it begins — at the moment a human being is biologically "under construction." Passing laws or writing constitutional mandates from the bench of the Supreme Court cannot change this fact. Indeed, it has not changed this fact; only our perception of the fact has changed, largely for reasons of personal convenience. It is patently arrogant that we, as adults, get to decide for the most vulnerable of our society — our unborn children, who cannot speak for themselves — who lives and who dies. Or, if you prefer, who gets to experience further "development" and who doesn't. If we intentionally end any stage of a human life in development, we are committing an act of murder, as it has been defined by our society from its humble beginnings. Any attempt to convince ourselves otherwise is little more than a mental joust with reality and an injustice to our unborn that we can never excuse away, try as we may*. Dougherty explains the controversy over abortion and how people are in such denial when it comes to the leaving, the dead and the non-existent. In the case that a woman does get an abortion, it should be deemed Finnigan 2

murder but it’s not. In fact abortion is actually legal in a handful of states, but only under certain circumstances such as rape, incest or if the pregnancy is deemed a risk to the mother. Every child should have the chance to have a life, a chance to become the...
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