Abortion Means No Pain for the Fetus

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Abortion Means No Pain for the Fetus

In the past and today, government and groups of people have expressed themselves towards abortion in ways that are either proactive or inactive. If one was to say that the modern world is full of surprise it could relate to abortion. Abortion in this case has been talked about as killing the fetus when he or she is in its mother’s womb or that you are causing pain to the fetus and the mother is being inconsiderate of her baby. But, that is just it. The truth lies within science itself, the proof that people have against abortion.

Today, abortion has become one of the most controversial topics to write an essay on. Students in Pennsylvania can write essays in relation to abortion in so many different ways. These ways could be all described as killed at birth or you’re causing pain to your fetus or it’s the choice of a mother soon to be. It should not be considered enforcement. There shouldn’t be a group of people outside the abortion clinics violently threatening women who are considering a termination pregnancy. It is not a law it’s simply a choice, a right that every women has. In all areas of Pennsylvania certain groups of people might note that banning abortion is taking away a choice or a right that women should be allowed to have. It is an option that some women might actually need to survive. Some researchers could argue that knowing about abortion is related to knowing about how healthy you are. If someone was to get an abortion they would like to know the facts before they actually make the final decision. To the women who are making the choice to have an abortion it is a decision between herself and the doctor. This decision will be considered educational and informational in reference to having an abortion. Though, there is an opposing side to all of this. The government doesn’t understand the beneficial choice of having an abortion. Another way to look at is, the government does not take research into consideration regarding the development stages of the fetus and if abortion actually effects it. It instead sees abortion to be a homicide but, to people in Pennsylvania and all around the country of United States it is just the opposite. If you continue to read this essay you will question yourself concerning the definition of homicide and development of the fetus before the 24th week of pregnancy; and the choice of having a choice rather than being told no. Some might argue that abortion only has negative effects but, others could say it has positive effects that possibly influence others. As the RCOG report explains in a chapter addressed to women, “to be aware of something or have pain, the body has to have developed special sensory structures and a joined-up nerve system between the brain and the rest of the body to communicate such a feeling.” Although, the construction of the nervous system is growing during the fetus’s early stage, it actually develops at a snail's pace. Current research proves the sensory structures are not developed enough to experience pain in a fetus in less than 24 weeks of the women’s pregnancy. The RCOG statement also says after 24 weeks, it is hard to tell that the fetus experiences pain because like all other experiences and behaviors, the system develops at a very slow rate. In addition to that, there is increasing evidence that suggest the fetus never enters a state of wakefulness inside the womb. Actually, the placenta has produced chemicals that can suppress the nervous system activity and awareness. Those who argue that a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks do so because the audience does not take into consideration the credible scientific evidence from leading international expert researchers. The opposing side has goals that are designed to discourage women from choosing abortion and pass legislation that restricts women's right to use abortion care. Women are worthy to know the facts, not inflammatory, unconfirmed...
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