Abortion Legal or Illegal

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Fetus Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: August 13, 2012
For many years abortion has been a controversial issue to weather or abortion should be legal or illegal all over the United States. Women all over the United States has been given the choice to have an abortion in some states such as Oklahoma a woman who wants to get rid of the fetus must undergo a view of the ultrasound and listen to the fetus heartbeat and no abortion can be done after 20 weeks of pregnancy (procon.org). I believe abortion shouldn’t be legal at all because in the Bible it states in Exodus 20:13 the 6th commandment of God’s word states “Thou Shall Not Kill”. So I believe in the word and that God also Created all men equal which means defying of what God states would be a sin and will be condemned for disobeying the word of God. I also believe that there are many couples around the United States that can’t conceive a child so aborting a child who is not wanted is also a way of getting rid of responsibilities God has chosen to give that person. I also believe that women who have been raped did not want to be pregnant in remembrance of the man who raped her and conceived that child. I believe that undergoing a morning after Contraceptive would be a good alternative but, also carrying that child full term to allow a family who can’t have kids raises this child. Men should also have a say in the abortion but, should also take into consideration I helped create this human being now, I have to raise this human being as a responsible adult. It’s sad to say that this doesn’t happen because abortion is legal in some states. Do you believe someone who shoots someone else in their own home should get the death penalty (No because it would be considered self-defense) so why not make abortion illegal because Murder is Murder and that would be disobeying God’s Word. Although some say a fetus is unable to feel pain; I object to this because the fetus can hear and feel what is happening to them. Abortions are very costly, and not only legal but illegal in...
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