Abortion, is it murder or a right of passage?

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  • Published: June 25, 2014
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Jessica Sands
Abortion, is it murder or a right of passage?

Abortion is a highly controversial issue in today’s society, not only in New Zealand but internationally. On the basis of an Unfamiliar Text read in class expressing the legalities of abortions (Is Abortion Law due for a shake up? - A Sunday Star Times article) I decided to undertake further research on the topic. The article piqued my interest as it had many relevant points encompassing various societal issues that I hadn’t given much thought to before. Thus I decided to further research and base my report on the topic of abortion as I felt the need to expand my knowledge of the subject to become more socially aware of the issue of abortion. I had no previous knowledge and due to it becoming an increasingly present issue in today’s society I believe that it would be beneficial to understand the opposing viewpoints. I wanted to look into the controversial issues that surround abortion, how legal restrictions may potentially implicate the future of abortions and lastly, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having an abortion. Throughout, I intended to use several different sources to ensure the breadth of my report and ensured the reliability of these sources by looking at well-known and respected databases.

I thought it useful to first define abortion so that I could add vital context to what I was researching. Abortion is the procedure of terminating an un-wanted child and can be performed in two different ways, a medical abortion and a surgical abortion. The type of abortion performed is dependent on the trimester the mother is in at the time of her abortion, meaning how far along in the pregnancy she is. I attempted to encompass the large amount of differing viewpoints that people hold into two main viewpoints in an effort to be able to compare and contrast them effectively for my research purposes. The two main viewpoints that I defined for abortion were prolife and prochoice. Prolife means that abortions can only be performed on women who have experienced rape or an incestual conception along with the termination of a baby that may affect the mother’s health. Prochoice is the judgment that pregnant woman have the right to terminate their child for what ever reason they, personally, see fit. Both procedures have advantages and disadvantages that can potentially affect the future of the individual and of course the unborn foetus.

What are the key controversial issues surrounding abortion?
Before I began researching this question I understood that many young women think of an abortion as a quick fix, a sort of late birth control. I began with the understanding that irresponsible sex is now seen as less of a concern in young people as an abortion is a readily available option. Due to this lowered level of concern surrounding abortions there has been a large increase in controversial issues surrounding whether an abortion is humane. Abortions in recent times are deemed as societally acceptable, which can have a negative impact on adolescent individuals as they do not have to fully take responsibility for the weight of their actions when abortions are so easily accessible to them. The ease at which these youths are having abortions is portrayed in the 2011 survey carried out by ‘The Independent’, which states “that 30 % of woman who have an abortion are 14-19 years old.” Many abortions are a cause of casual sex as teenagers and young adults are having flippant one-night stands, when resulting in unwanted pregnancies they turn to abortion. In 2010 statistics 3.9 per 1000 woman under 16 have abortions, 16.5 per 1000 woman under 18 have an abortion (The independent) these are astoundingly high results. Only furthermore expressing the irresponsible behavior of juveniles that may be compounded by the fact that they can have abortions easily in society today. In addition it has been stressed that because of such actions the child’s (foetus/embryo)...
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