Abortion in Thailand

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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In this globalized era, abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the world. Abortion is the main way to get rid of the fetus or embryo which is the end of pregnancy (Roe, 2002). There are many people confused about the difference between fetus and embryo. The embryo is the first three months of the development to be a child. The fetus is called for a child in the womb after the first three months (Warner & Rosenberg, n.d.). However, in these nine months of pregnancy, it is the time for many mothers who have many different personal reasons to terminate the pregnancy by getting an abortion. There are many means of abortion which is specified by the stage of the pregnancy and the preference of each person. There are two main methods of abortion which are surgical methods of abortion and medical methods of abortion. The surgical methods of abortion can be divided into three types according to the duration of the pregnancy. The first main way of surgical abortion for the first trimester is called vacuum aspiration. The second trimester uses the method called dilation and evacuation. The third trimester uses the method which is similar to means in the second trimester, but it is a lot more complicated (Warner & Rosenberg, n.d.). In Thailand, there are many illegal abortion clinics which are mainly located around Bangkok and rural areas (Narkavonnakit, 1979). Recently, the police officers found hundreds of human fetuses in the temple called Wat Phai Ngern. There are more than 3 hundreds of human fetuses in the temple’s morgue (Uribarri, 2010). A few days later, the police found more dead babies which is raised the number up to more than thousands fetuses in the same temple. At present, the police was able to arrest the owner of the illegal abortion clinic named Lanjakorn Jantamanas. She said to the police that she also received dead babies from many abortion clinics from many districts in Bangkok to the undertaker of the temple and earned 500 Baht for each body. The undertaker said that there are more than thousands of fetuses because the crematorium of the temple was not working for more than two months (Mydans, 2010). After this situation had revealed in the public, health officials claimed that they detected about 4000 clinics that are suspected to be an illegal abortion clinic. The last update for this news is that the police founded more than 2 thousands dead babies in the temple (Fetus horror, 2010). Thailand has a law which clearly states that abortion is illegal, but there are some exceptions for specific reasons. The first exception for legal abortion is to save the life of the mother. The second exception is the pregnancy which is caused by sexual crimes (Somswasdi, 2006). However, I suggest that the abortion in Thailand should be legalized because of many reasons, some of which are the benefits of mothers and children, the benefits of the society, and the beliefs of Buddhism.

The first and most important reason why abortion in Thailand should be legalized is all about the benefits of mothers and children. Many mothers have their own reason to get an abortion. Some mothers think that they have to terminate the pregnancy because they are not ready to be a mother (Lowen, 2010). The main cause of this reason is about the age of the mother. Some mothers are too young to be a mother. Most students studying in high school or college who accidentally got pregnant always get an abortion. For example, in northeastern Thailand, there is a schoolgirl said that she used to get an abortion once because she did not want her parents to know about this, so she discussed with her boyfriend to get an abortion. She went to the illegal abortion clinic where is well known among the natives. She said that all the processes of abortion cost 5000 baht. Another example of teenager who got abortion is claimed that she had to do this because she wanted to graduate the college and have a good life and a nice future for her family (The...
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