Abortion in Hills like White Elephants

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  • Published : April 27, 2012
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Abortion in Hills like White Elephants
Abortion has been an ongoing national debate that continues on daily not only in North America but other countries as well. Medically an abortion means to permanently end a pregnancy. In the short story “Hills Like White Elephants” a couple are at a train station waiting for the next train to take a trip to get an abortion or “simple operation” ( Hemingway 201) as the man refers to it as in the story. The man is attempting to convince the young lady to get an abortion and tell her that it is going to be fine. In this essay we will address the issue of abortion the short story “Hill Like white Elephants” by Ernest Hemingway and explore what an abortion is, what takes place during an abortion, why you shouldn’t consume alcohol while you’re pregnant, and methods to prevent them from happening.

Abortions are given out daily. Some countries have banned abortion completely but it doesn’t stop them from still continuing. The country Nigeria has made abortion illegal unless it’s to save the mother’s life but it still persist with 610,000 abortions carried out yearly. Forty percent of them are done in a sanitized institution equipped with qualified professional physicians and sixty percent is performed by untrained non-physician. Several different forms of abortion have been developed and used over the past years like abortifacient herbs, inserting sharpened instruments, and various other techniques. The method of abortion used depends on the stage of pregnancy a woman is in. Surgical abortions can be performed up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. In the short story the man and the young woman are sitting on the in a booth waiting for the next train and the discussion of the woman having an abortion takes place. The man keeps telling her that everything will go fine and that she had nothing to worry about. It seems as if he wants her to get it done badly but doesn’t want to seem like he’s pushing it on her or forcing her to do it....
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