Abortion Exploratory Paper

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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Murder is a major crime in the United States of America and it is sentenced very seriously. It is even under one of the Ten Commandments, “Thou shall not kill”. Murder is not acceptable, or is it? What exactly is abortion? Is taking an innocent babies life murder? If so, why is it legal? If not then how is it not murder and therefore illegal? Abortion is a very controversial topic and causes plenty of problems in today’s society. Anti and pro-abortion groups form together and conduct strikes at clinics either criticizing or promoting abortion. It is a big topic in politics while politicians are running for office. In general, it’s a big deal and there are multiple perspectives, some being positive and some negative. Those who agree and support abortion are commonly known as pro-choice. They believe that if someone decides that they don’t want to have a child, it is not a problem. The process is very simple. All someone would have to do is go to a clinic that performs abortions and go through a simple procedure. These organizations are funded by tax payers with some places having a small and others for free. If the life of the person having the child is not exactly where they want it to be, whether it’s financially, emotionally, or physically, then that person should be able to get rid of the baby. You should not have to be stuck with a baby, at the end of the day it’s your baby, your life, your money, and your family so in that case you should be able to get an abortion if you want one. Having a baby drastically changes someone’s life. First of all woman have to carry the child for 40 weeks and for both the man and woman a lot of time goes into raising a child. Numerous sacrifices have to be made by both parents. Once the baby is born it needs to be taken care of emotionally, financially, and physically, till the child is eighteen. So why should someone be forced to have and raise a child? Abortion has the potential to save some people’s...
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