Abortion Debate

Topics: Human, Abortion, Morality Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: January 6, 2013
The Morality of Abortion
On the issue of the morality of abortion, I am a moral non-objectivist. I believe that abortion might be morally wrong for some people , at some times, in some situations, but it might be morally right for some people, at some times, in some situation . Reason #1

Although there’s no question about whether the fetus is a biologically human organism or not it does not follow that the fetus is a person, and it is persons that have rights, including the right to life. There are five properties that characterize person. The properties include, Consciousness, Reasoning, Self motivated activity, capacity to communicate and presence of self-awareness. The fetus during pregnancy has only one of these properties which is consciousness. Therefore the fetus is not a person. Since the fetus is not a person, it does not have rights. Therefore abortion is not a moral issue. A decision to have an abortion it not morally different than a decision to have one’s tonsils or appendix removed. Argument #1

It is morally wrong to kill innocent human beings’; the fetus is an innocent human being therefore abortion is morally wrong. At the moment of conception the fertilized egg contains all the genetics necessary for a future person. The fetus is a biologically human organism. If allowed to develop, without interruption, a person, with all five properties that characterize persons, will appear. Since a fetus is a potential person, it should be given all the rights given to human persons. Killing innocent humans is immoral. Therefore abortion is immoral. Reason #2

A woman has a right to decided what she can and can’t do with her body. A fetus exists inside a woman’s body. A woman has a right to remove the fetus from her body. Women need free access to abortion in order to achieve full equal rights with men politically socially and economically. In our world it is men who take away women’s access to safe abortions. Abortion is a woman’s right...
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