Abortion - Dangerous and Deadly

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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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Abortion: Dangerous and Deadly

Everybody on the earth has a soul; we all know that, that’s what makes us who we are, what we are, and what we will become. The real question is when exactly does our soul come into our body? Does it perhaps enter the body right exactly at the moment our own parents conceive us, or later on maybe right when we exit our mothers’ wombs? This is a question we might never know, so should we allow soon-to-be mothers to kill this child, this soul that doesn’t even have a chance to breathe one breathe, and in return, danger their own body. “Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion” (Guttmacher Institute). When a woman decides to abort her baby, she doesn’t just kill that unborn child, but she puts herself in great risk for many things including breast cancer, mental stability, infection, hemorrhaging, bowel injury, and even risking the safety of future pregnancies. “Approximately 10% of women undergoing abortion will suffer immediate complications, of which about one-fifth are considered life threatening. Women who have multiple abortions face a much greater risk of experiencing these same complication” (Ashcofriendsforlife.org). “Women who have aborted have significantly higher rates of breast cancer later in life. Breast cancer has risen by 50% in America since abortion became legal in 1973” (abortionfacts.com). People believe that abortion and breast cancer are closely linked because of all the changes that a woman’s body goes through at that time. When a woman becomes pregnant her breast tend to swell quite a lot due to “the rising of hormone levels, responsible for the increase in blood flow, causing breast tissue changes. Breasts may feel not only swollen but also tingly, sore, and extremely sensitive to touch” (pregnancywizard.com). Once an abortion is done, the woman’s hormones would be all over the place for a while and could cause the breast to become smaller very quickly. “If this process is interrupted by an abortion - before full maturity in the third trimester - then more relatively vulnerable immature cells could be left than there were prior to the pregnancy, resulting in a greater potential risk of breast cancer over time” (Wikipedia.org). Breast cancer is a series disease and more frequently that not women do die from this if not caught quickly. After a woman gets an abortion they might feel so horribly of what they had done that they might become mentally instable. Frequently after an abortion, women suffer a range of mental and psychological problems. These may include recurrent dreams of the abortion experience, avoidance of emotional attachment, relationship problems, sleep disturbances, guilt about surviving, memory impairment, hostile outbursts, suicidal thoughts or actions, depression, and substance abuse. These problems may occur days to years later. (Abortionfacts.com) These are very series problems a woman could go through in which case could lead to hospitalization or even her death. If a woman were to undergo an abortion, and had fear for this side affect, there are a lot of abortion clinics that could help woman as well as councilors who are there to help one that needs it. Infection is another serious side effect one could have after receiving an abortion. “Mild fever and sometimes death occurs when there is an infection from an abortion. This happens anywhere from 1 in 4 women to 1 in 50 women… Infection in the womb and tubes often does permanent damage”(Abortionfacts.com). There are two different types of infection women could get after they undergo an abortion, pelvic inflammatory disease and cervical incompetence. The first one is a pelvic inflammatory disease, also known as PID. “The Fallopian tube is a fragile organ, a very tiny bore tube. If infection injures it, it often seals shut. The typical infection involving these organs is pelvic inflammatory disease… Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is...
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