Abortion and Fetus

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Fetus Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Abortion: Is there a right or wrong?
MURDER! BLOODY MURDER! Of course it’s wrong! Hold your horses. Let me explain what exactly is abortion. Abortion is, in broad terms, a termination of pregnancy. Most of the time, it is when a woman (or child bearer, since technology has made it possible for people with a Y chromosome to carry children now) chooses to remove a fetus or fetuses from her body. So what’s a fetus? A fetus is an unborn developing offspring of a mammal. Now that you’ve got all the basics, let’s get started. Pro-choice is what people who are supportive of abortions are called. They are not people who force abortions and enjoy terminating pregnancies of everyone. They simply support women having the choice of doing what they wish with their body. After all, 9 months is a long time to have something you don't want in your body, and not to mention, a lifetime of caring for the child comes with the package. Pro-life is what people who are supportive of banning abortions are called. They stand up for the right of the fetus and believe that it is an independent life. They support the banning/outlawing of abortions. As noble as it is to stand up for something helpless, they often disregard the right of the child bearer. They believe that a fetus is an independent being which is scientifically incorrect as a fetus is dependent of the bearer. There are also many arguments such as the fetus feels pain, the fetus can love, and many other scientifically incorrect "facts". So, when is it ok to abort a fetus? Who gets to make the choices? Should the government have any say in this issue? Let's get down to the details. When is it ok? Heck, when is it not ok? As long as the bearer of the child is consenting, and pregnant, of course it's ok! Abortions aren't a stroll through the park for the bearer either. She could have a million reasons ranging from her personal health, finances or even simply not being ready. Why should she be forced to bear a child for 9...
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