Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Human rights Pages: 7 (1845 words) Published: December 1, 2014
Mauricio Antun 10/30/2014 Bruno Russo Marko Lovrinovic
REL 3015 – Dr. Judy Skeen

Abortion: The Eternal Controversy

Within the context of contemporary society, where people and structures are constantly changing, we are aware that the reference values ​​undergo a profound change that is necessary to understand and follow. The issue of abortion can never distance itself from the ethical and moral issues that surround it, given that abortion inevitably involves someone's death. This is therefore an issue that needs to be reflected. And reflecting means to elevate our thinking to a lucid, coherent and reasoned understanding, and only then, be able to support and help. That is why we need those moments of reflection, as they will guide us through our critical thinking and guide our actions as well. To reflect on a topic as the termination of pregnancy (abortion), is to meditate / think under such a controversial topic, but a much needed reflection. Thinking critically is much more than that and overflows the narrow circle of ordinary thinking - it means to question, judge (with a critical spirit) the various situations involved and the underlying ethical dilemmas, given the respect for human integrity and dignity of the person (woman / fetus). It is discussed today, and with surprising insistence, the legalization of abortion. Remember that legalizing means, roughly, to say that what you legalize is "good" for society, or at least, not bad at all. There are different types of induced abortion, all with various ethical implications. However, the question that arises is whether the embryo / fetus is the property of the mother, therefore becoming subject to her will, or if she should own the rights granted to the person with limited capacity. The question then relates if the embryo / fetus has any rights as opposed to the women's rights. The issue of abortion (voluntary or not voluntary) is often placed as if the decision to terminate the pregnancy was easy, and the woman, more or less indifferent to this act. It seems that abortion decision arises as a selfish woman who challenges a society whose legal and moral codes seek to make her keep the pregnancy in any situation or circumstances. Thus, the woman appears as a criminal, who alone decided to commit a crime. Let's talk about embryo (up to 12 weeks of gestation) / fetus (from 12 up to 40 weeks), which grows inside the uterus of a woman. Is he a Human Being? There are those who are against the termination of pregnancy at any stage, because they imagine that the soul installs itself the moment the sperm penetrated the egg. According to them, from that microscopic stage, the conceptual product should be sacred. Interrupt its development after ten days of its conception would constitute in a crime as serious as taking someone's life 30 years after his/her birth. For those who think this way, the pregnant woman is responsible for her state of health and must deal with the consequences of bringing a child into this world, no matter what the circumstances. They also agree that the one who is in the womb and who later is developed into a person is not more than the person himself in a first phase of its existence. It is a person before and after ... exactly the same person - highlighting the continuum of life. It seems that there is no difference between a human being not yet born and a child once born, regarding the respect we must have for everyone. What characterizes any human being, and at any stage of its existence, is their unrepeatable identity and the intrinsic autonomy of its development process. And so, each of us has its own development process, as well as each embryo / fetus has their own. The images show that the baby in the womb is not part of the mother's body, but a distinct and individual human being. He is a person in itself and not part of another being, besides his dependence...
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