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ANNE: Abortion it allows women to put an end to their pregnancies but involves killing the undeveloped embryo or fetus. ELLAI: Abortion is the result of critical situations which individuals face, such as rape, health problems, fear from the judgement of society, and unwanted pregnancy. THE CAUSE

ANNE: One of the cause of abortion is rape. Rape is a horrible abuse with traumatic effects for many of it victims. For a woman who carries in her womb the baby of her rapist, it is more devastating. ELLAI: Health problems are also reason for aborting a baby. The performance of abortion is most commonly permitted on the grounds of saving the life of the mother, particularly in situations or cases wherein the life of the mother herself is at stake because of the child in womb. ANNE: Fear from the judgement of society is another reason why women commit abortion. A woman with a high status in the society experiences tremendous pressure. Being pressured by the society, she needs to be a good example, by making right decisions and planning her life well. ELLAI: Unwanted pregnancy is the most common reason why some resort to abortion. Why? They say that are not ready to accept responsibilities, too young to be a parent, cannot afford to raise a child, and the like. THE EFFECT

ANNE: Physical. Perforation of the Uterus and Cervical Lacerations are two of the most common complications of abortion. This is due to the fact that most abortions are by suction aspiration, a procedure where the doctor essentially goes in blind. In future pregnancies these injuries can result in premature births and labour complications. ELLAI: Psychological. Women who have had abortions are four times more likely to die in the next year than those who complete their pregnancies. This is a result of both psychological effects, which result in an increase of suicides and risk-taking behaviour, and an increase in deaths from other medical causes.
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