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Angie Monroy
Mrs. Martines
Adv. World Lit (4)

Approximately three thousand American’s lost their lives as a result of the destruction of the “World Trade Center” on 9/11. Every single day, more than 3,000 American babies are killed by abortion. An abortion means to kill a fetus. It began during the year 1550 B.C. Abortions happen all over the world, but originally began in Egypt. 1% of abortions happen because of a rape or pregnancy difficulties, 6% happen because of health problems, and 93% happen because the fetus is an unwanted baby. Abortions affect more than just the fetus’s existence, but the lives of the mothers drastically change either from a side affect or emotionally. It can also destroy a family’s life forever. My opinion of this issue is that there should be an end to abortion, because abortion is stopping a heartbeat from beating, and when you stop a heart from beating its called murder.

An Abortion is a sin and also a murder. “The heartbeat of an unborn child begins 21 days after fertilization” (Anti-Abortion). Abortion is like killing an adult, teen or kid. It’s stopping a heartbeat and that is murder. In the state of California abortion is not an option. “ The most merciful thing that a family does to one of the infant members is to kill it” (End). If you could put yourself in the situation of the infant member wouldn’t want your parents to kill you. Imagine your parents aborting you. You would of never existed.

Abortions can physically and mentally affect a mother’s life. “Logic dictates that in order for a child to experience conscious thought it makes sense that the mother must also experience conscious thoughts” (End). The baby feels everything and more than what the mother goes through. “Abortion isn’t a rights issue, its become increasing numbers of young people with a moral ethical issue” (Micheal). If a baby is not wanted there is always solutions before you get pregnant. If a baby is not wanted...
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