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Tony Hawk
Date of Birth
12 May 1968, Carlsbad, California, USA
Birth Name
Anthony Frank Hawk
6' 3" (1.91 m)
Mini Biography
The father of four and husband of one, Tony Hawk is arguably the single most influential skateboarder of all time. Born and raised in the hazy daze of Southern California, Tony has forgotten more tricks than most people learn in a lifetime, and his contributions to the sport are endless -- most recently, unearthing skateboarding's holy grail by becoming the only person to successfully land a 900°.

Lhotse Merriam| (12 January 2006 - present) (filed for divorce) 1 child| Erin Lee| (28 September 1996 - 2004) (divorced) 2 children| Cindy Dunbar| (April 1990 - 1993) (divorced) 1 child|

Trade Mark
Is the first person in skateboarding history to do 'The 900' skateboarding trick.

Winner of 6 gold medals for skateboarding in the ESPN X-Games. Along with Andy MacDonald, has won every gold medal for Vert Doubles at the X-Games. As of September 2001, still the only skateboarder to pull off a 900 in competition, which he has done multiple times. One of his ancestors is Henry Hudson (discoverer of the Hudson River, Hudson Bay, etc.). Father of Riley Hawk, who helped Ashton Kutcher play a practical joke on Tony for "Punk'd" (2003). The elder Hawk grounded his son for the prank. Has been a professional skateboarder since he was 15

Was in one of 'Weird Al Yankovic''s music videos, wearing a long wig. Signed a fifteen year deal with Activision, publishers of the Pro Skater series of Video Games [July 2002] Eldest son Hudson Riley Hawk is named after Tony's ancestor, Henry Hudson, who discovered the Hudson Valley. TH claims that, following the failure of Hudson Hawk (1991) - which came and went within a year of his son's birth - the boy's parents just call him Riley. He has three sons, Spencer and Keegan with his current wife Erin. Riley, the older son is from his first marriage. The Toy...
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