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In Malaysia, there are one abortion for every five pregnancy in the country. Eventho this number might not be higher compared to some western countries, it is still consider a major and serious problem for a developing country. Some of the places which are less developed in the third world countries such as Vietnam which currently has the highest rate of abortion have one abortion out of three pregnancy. This would be equivalent to aborting 33333 babies out of 100000 babies which would also means by killing 33333 innocent lives. This number might seems huge, but what makes is more frightening to actually know the real figure of abortion rate around the world. 43% of American woman have at least one or more abortion once in their lifetime. Women’s center and hospitals perform more than a million innocent lives every year. This significant number will remain high and even increase if people do not know the seriousness of abortion. Therefore, this exhibition we will be organizing is to create public awareness for people to understand more about abortion.

So first of all, we will introduce the exhibition by explaining what abortion is . Abortion is when the pregnancy is ended so that is does not result in the birth of the child. Someitmes, abortion is also refer to the term ‘ Termination Of Pregnancy ‘. In order to solve a problem, we must first look into the roots of the problem. There are many factors why woman would go for an abortion. The three main factors are due to age, marital status and economic status. The other minor factors includes financial recourses, responsible to be a parent, not willing to put down their work to care for their children, relationship problem with their partner and so many more which will be presented in the exhibition. Only one percent of all abortion cases are die to abusive sexual act. Around ten to fifteen thousand people ( approximately 1% ) undergo abortion due to being a victim of rape, incestuous relationship and women who does not want to bear a child who was conceived in violence

Since abortion is so high in demand, why is it that so many people are against abortion and so many countries had make it illegal. One of the archaic views that we have against abortion is that ‘ nobody has the right to take the life of a living being’, and fetus is in the preliminary stages of life which is consider as a living thing. So basically, aborting a baby is just similar linked to cold blooded murder. To understand why killing an unborn child must be opposed tooth and nail, let us take a look at some anti abortion arguments. First of all, what right do humans have to curtail the life of something that providence has created? Who are we to decide what deserve to lives or die? The fetus has a soul, which if allowed to bloom will result into the formation of a human being. However, when we kill the fetus, we deny someone a chance to exist in the world. As a fetus is too small and dependent on adults and authorities for survival, killing it amounts to a cold blooded murder. In terms of religious views, children are the gift of god. Everything that happens in this world is because of the wishes of god. If he wants a child to be born, he will take care of it as well. To kill and destroy this gift from god is just defying god’s will. If providence has given, it shall arrange for it too. To make it simple, this means that a child has been brought on earth, he or she should deserve a chance to live a life, as who knows what plans god have for them.

While it cannot be said whether an abortion is an unforgivable act, it is definitely an unforgettable event. It plays havoc with the psychology and the future life of the entire family. The woman who abort have to cope with stress of knowing that she was a party in murdering her own children in cold blood. Surveys have shown by many experts that stress levels are higher in women who have undergone abortion as compared to other woman. Another...
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