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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Abortion: Right or Wrong?
Many people around the world agree with abortions and think they are an okay thing to do. A lot of countries world wide have made getting an abortion legal, including the United States. An abortion to me goes hand-in-hand with murder, it's taking away the life of a fetus that could be a human one day away.

Each year about fourty-six million abortions are performed around the world. Within the fourty-six million not only are fetus' terminated but women also die in the process due to unsafe procedures. 67,900 maternal deaths happen each year because of unsafe abortions. I think that is such an unnessasary amount of deaths!

Most abortions are "induced" aboritons meaning the woman chooses to have it done. I don't understand how someone could want to have that done to them or their fetus. There are a lot of common reasons women have this done but, I don't agree that they are legit reasons to have an abortion. Some of the reasons are: inability to afford a child, lack of support from the partner and or family, relationship problems, not willing to raise a child, or unempolyment.

If some people can't afford a child then getting an abortion shouldn't be an option for them. These procedures aren't free and people shouldn't take advantage of them as just a way of getting out of having child. I feel abortions are such a serious thing to have done in your life, maybe some people feel differently and think the opposite. I think taking away a life of a forming human being is a ridiculous thing to do! If these people feel too irresponsable to have and raise a child they shouldn't be having sex and taking the risk of possible pregnancy.

There are groups the are called Pro Life groups which have the same opinions as I do. People who join these groups think that life is a gift and it shouldn't be taken away. They are anti-abortion and send messages about getting abortion procedures made illegal. These groups think that getting an abortion is...
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