Topics: Pregnancy, Woman, Human rights Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: December 9, 2012

For many years, abortion has been perhaps the most controversial issue in America. The controversy is between protecting an unborn child’s life and taking away a woman’s constitutional freedom to choose. Those who are Pro-Choice believe that a woman should be allowed to control their own body and no one has the right to compel their morals on them. Pro-Life advocates like Jennifer Simmons, believe that a constitutional amendment should be pass giving equal protection to all including unborn children. To voice her opinion and spread her beliefs, Simmons wrote a paper to reach out and convince those undecided minds that Pro-Life is morally the only choice.

Jennifer Simmons’ main idea was to stress there is no excuse or justification to convince yourself that killing someone, your unborn child, is the right thing to do. Simmons presents her case with great volumes of emotion and speaks passionately to push her audience. She defends her point by stating that killing an unborn child simply because it’s inconvenient is unjust and careless. Also presented were other alternatives a woman might consider such as adopting. Another option would be simply taking care of your baby; of course this option is very time consuming and involves a lot of extra expenses. But still, is an inconvenience enough to murder an unborn child?

Simmons stresses to those women who are on the fence of whether being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice in an extremely straight forward and blunt manner. Some parts of her paper seem as if she is attacking women who have even considered having an abortion accusing them of being murders. She speaks very firmly that under no circumstance a woman should have an abortion.

Seen throughout her entire paper, Simmons demonstrates why abortion is such a controversial issue in America, it’s a subject which people feel passionately about. She understands this a very serious topic and maintains a serious tone. By inserting her own personal...
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