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Marcus Pope


Dr. Audrey Anton

In this paper I will argue that abortion is morally correct based on the situation at hand. The most common argument against abortion is that every person has a right to life. Abortion a very misleading factor in the social scheme of people lives today can never grasp the concept of rather it is right or wrong. Around for more than one hundred years and still pushing is the talk on abortion and rather it’s right or wrong. Taking the life of an unborn is looked down upon, and in some cases it is something that had to be done based on the circumstance. If a person was forced to have sex it would be morally correct to have an abortion, on the other hand if a person was not forced but willingly planned to conceive a child then it is not morally correct. Arguments from so many levels have taken the stand to explain what is morally correct and, what is morally wrong. My view will be focused on why it is morally correct to have abortion based on certain circumstances of the parent of the unborn child. Using views of Don Marquis who is against abortion and Judith Jarvis Thomson who is for abortion, I will explain there views and break down my meaning of why abortion is morally correct.

Don Marquis, philosopher against abortion explains why abortion is wrong. Marquis sets out to explain why abortion is immoral without assuming the personhood of the fetus. He instead develops an account of why killing in general is wrong. Killing is wrong, says Marquis, not because of some intrinsic property of the thing being killed its capacity to feel pain, its consciousness, its ability to plan for the future, its self-concept. “Marquis pg.840” Marquis says this because of the future it would have or be likely to have if you don't kill it. The reason it would be wrong to kill me is because of what you're taking away from me if you do so. “Marquis pg.842” The reason it's wrong to kill anything is because of the future you're...
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