Aboriginals: the Mistreated Minorites of Canada

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  • Topic: First Nations, Indigenous Australians, Land rights
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  • Published : January 10, 2012
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Aboriginal people are very passionate about their culture and traditions and believe that they are an important part of Canada’s past. Although their customs shaped Canada into a great nation, they are slowly fading into the background while competing with the French and English cultures. “Such an understanding gives no consideration to the presence and role of Aboriginal groups throughout history.” First Nation’s people do not receive a just amount of respect and equality in terms of their rights for land and freedom. Over the past century there have been several brutal protests that promote a negative, violent appearance towards all Aboriginals. In order to advance within society and claim land that is rightfully theirs, Natives have had to resort to planning court dates, forming petitions and writing threatening letters to the government. The Canadian government found ways to deceive the Aboriginals and get through loopholes to avoid granting reasonable wishes and staying true to their agreement. It is obvious that this Aboriginal versus government battle has been going on for far too long and it is an unfair challenge to the virtually helpless group of minorities.
Throughout Canadian history Aboriginals have been judged for the way that they try to get recognition within society. Many citizens feel as if the Natives of Canada are violent and do not know how to control their actions. What people fail to see is that these bands are just mirroring the way they are being treated. “Aboriginal groups have objected to uses of the environment by non-Aboriginal groups.” One of the most publicized protests in Aboriginal-government relations was the Oka crisis in 1990. The Mohawks of Quebec erected roadblocks to stop the construction of a golf course on disputed land, barricaded pathways to halt the movement of government vehicles, and got physical with some of the officers on patrol. After an 11 week stand-off the protestors were arrested and the...
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