Aboriginal - Short Essay

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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Write an essay outlining the key issues in Indigenous early childhood education, including relevant policies, role of stakeholders, programs available to assist early childhood educators and recommended early childhood education (teaching and learning) strategies. It is evident that in today’s society Aboriginal people have many issues to overcome to give their children the best opportunities in life. Some of these include, poor health care, young pregnancy, isolation, postnatal and antenatal care, uneducated parents, alcoholism/substance abuse, inadequate housing, family violence and racism (Gordon.S. 2006). Although there has been a slight increase in Aboriginal children completing their schooling due to past government attempts, there is still a lot that can be done and needs to be done to ensure that the indigenous children of Australia have the essential, and necessary education to give them the best chance at a healthy life. The early childhood sector of education acts as not only and intervention but also an opportunity for parents and their children to get a solid start and, prepare them for their schooling years. Early childhood centers and kindergartens not only provide a rich learning environment for the children but also offer support and guidance for parents. To provide a quality education for the Indigenous children of Australia it is imperative to have quality teaching or educational staff with the appropriate knowledge and skill set to adequately educate these young children. Dare to Lead is a website with valuable links to teacher resources, Learning English as an Additional Language in the Early Years (birth to six years) this ‘resource consists of a professional learning program of three training modules and a resource booklet for early childhood professionals working with children (birth to six years) and families from diverse cultural backgrounds (Clarke, 2011), the MyChild website with links to the Inclusion and Professional Support...
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