Aboriginal Residential Schooling

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  • Published : November 23, 2013
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Aboriginal Residential Schooling
The Aboriginal people had their culture stripped away, without any consent but by force. They were forced to ``adapt`` their lifestyle to the ``normal,`` and children put into schools to learn how to behave like the Canadians. The Aboriginal residential schools implemented by the Canadian Government were a cause attempting to destroy their culture (Ravelli & Webber, 2010, p.132). The Canadian Government wanted to get rid of all aboriginal culture with no trace of their lifestyle. There was a massive social problem due to the separation of the races. It also raised a huge racist confrontation between the Aboriginal`s and the rest of society. The Aboriginal`s were not treated with any respect or dignity, which caused them to loose respect with our Canadian Government, as they were treated like animals.

The Canadian Government did not want any Aboriginal`s to grow up as they were, they did not like the way their lifestyle was, they wanted to destroy their culture. They attempted to destroy their culture in many ways, one of the most obvious methods they used were to put the young children in to residential schools (Ravelli & Webber, 2010, p308). These schools taught young Aboriginal children how to live like the Canadian, they were not allowed to do anything that was related to their culture not even allowed to speak their language (Geraldine & Marcuse, 1993). The children were punished if they did not follow the rules, these punishments were very abusive as well, but by doing so this enforced the children to follow the rules. These residential schools were very structured and strict. Eventually by staying in these schools, due to all the strict rules, abusive punishments, and them not being allowed to associate with their culture the Aboriginal children forgot their native language (Geraldine & Marcuse, 1993). The Canadian Government obviously wanted to get rid of all Aboriginal culture.

The residential schools brought up a...