Aboloish Grading

Topics: Education, Emotion, Psychology Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Hailey Fulton
Mrs. Henderson
EN 1103 32
5 October 2010
Abolish Grading
Paul Goodman wrote the essay A Proposal to Abolish Grading. This essay goes into all the reasons why testing should not be used as grades. Goodman feels that grading test only hurt the students’ real passion for learning, by punishing them for what they do wrong and making them discouraged. He says that students learn just enough to pass test instead of learning all they can for the education for their job. So in the long run students are learning less and are getting qualified for jobs when they forgot the material as soon as the test was over which is not sufficient in the real world. Throughout education grading has been one of the biggest stresses put on students. Most students just do enough to pass or make the grades their parents expect therefore not retaining any of the vital information that they are supposed to be learning. In the essay A Proposal to Abolish Grading Paul Goodman argues this point that grading test hinders a students learning by using logos, pathos, and ethos he successfully proves his argument.

Logos in my opinion is the most effective way to prove an argument Goodman uses logos by using effective reasoning and backing up his reasoning with examples. One of his first examples goes into that after college, job employers do not look at grades. Most always the only thing they look for is a college diploma in the field; so if teachers didn’t grade, the students real love for learning in the field would surpass the feeling of just needing to get by and pass a test. Another great example used in this essay is that tests are used to show weakness so the student can grow, but when the weakness is punished by a failing grade it causes the student to conceal his weakness by faking or even cheating. Giving logical examples such as these leaves the reader no choice but to agree with the argument.

Secondly Goodman uses pathos to grab the reader’s emotions and get...
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